Quality under control

What makes Intral a trusted supplier throughout the world?

What does Intral do differently than other companies in the industry?

Both of those questions can be answered with a simple response:  customer service.  Here at Intral, we listen to the needs of our clients, on a personal humane level as well as in term of technical, quality and efficiency requirements

Intral makes every effort to provide the type of packaging that meets your exact needs. Moving from standard to personalized configurations, Intral innovates and offers you more flexibility.

You can count on a quality product, because Intral has a fully-integrated quality assurance management system which is accredited according to ISO-9001: 2008.

You will be given a reliable certificate of analysis with every order to confirm that the received material meets your specifications.

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Accredited according to ISO

Because lead-time and delivery are important steps of the process, Intral is C-TPAT certified to insure prompt and worry free delivery in the United States. This certification reflect our commitment to provide high safety standards to better serve our customers.

At Intral, exports are not an added value! It is what we do on a daily basis to all our clients. We deliver door to door according to your needs and on time, every time.

Accredited according to ISO

Our team became expert in customs clearance and door to door deliveries and this, all over the world. It is our commitment to provide deliveries that make every business experience with us an easy one.

At Intral, service is included.

Do you have specific need?  Simply allow yourself to ask! Intral serves you from end to end.

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