Intral manufactures alloy wires for use in conductors, ground wires OPGW and preformed wires for cable grips.

Fastener Wire

Fastener Wire

Intral manufactures aluminum wire use in Solid rivets, mandrel rivets, apparel rivets, clips, zippers manufacturing

Metallizing Wire

Fil à métalliser

Intral manufactures metallizing wire for specific application such as thermal sprayed aluminum coating process for corrosion protection.

Bars and Rods

Barres et tiges

Intral manufactures Aluminum drawn bars, profiles and rods for mechanical applications such as machining, fabricating, forging and stamping.

Aluminium clad steel single-end wire

Fil d’acier recouvert

Intral’s wire consists of a central steel core with a layer of high-conductivity aluminum extruded over it.

Aluminium Clad Steel Stranded Cables

Câble d’acier recouvert

Intral’s aluminium-clad steel cable is well known for its combination of corrosion resistance, high strength and superior electrical conductivity.

Guy and Messenger Strand

Haubans et câble messagers

Since each strand of Intral’s guy wire has a thick outer layer of aluminium extruded over the steel, there is no loss of strength over time.

Aluminum Alloy

Alliage d’aluminium

Beyond offering you the most popular alloys, Intral has an excellent supply capacity.