Flexible packaging application

Intral manufactures metallizing wire for all flexible packaging applications. Our wire meets all metallizing industry standards.

Utilities, Power distributors and cable distributors.

Our most popular ground wire formats are hand coils of 250 ft and 500 ft, and are always kept in stock.

Forging and stamping industries

Intral manufactures Aluminum drawn bars, profiles and rods for mechanical applications such as machining, fabricating, forging and stamping.

Overhead line structure

Intral’s aluminum-clad steel cable is well known for its combination of corrosion resistance, high strength and superior electrical conductivity. It can also be used as core strand in ACSR conductors.

Our most popular guy wire formats are 250 ft and 500 ft hand coils and are always in stock.

Manufacturers of fiber-optic ground wire (OPGW)

Intral’s Aluminum clad steel wire commonly referred to (Alumoweld) is used as a component by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of (OPGW).

Solid rivets and fasteners

Intral manufactures aluminium drawn wire for a wide range of applications: Rivets, clips, zippers, food packaging, etc.